• Referring D.V.M’s are welcome to call and speak with one of our referral coordinators
  • Or use our online fillable referral link to get your referral started. This link will allow you to attach records and radiographs as well to save you time by clicking HERE
  • If you prefer to fax a referral request you can do so with this fax cover sheet by clicking HERE

Emergencies and Urgencies

  • Referring D.V.M’s are required to call our office in the instance of an emergency referral.
  • For Fractures and other orthopedic emergencies; we will request radiographs to be emailed to us prior to scheduling an appointment/surgical correction. As we do not operate as an emergency facility, we will need to verify if and when we can fit them into our surgical schedule.


Prior to seeing your patient, we will need the following pieces of information. Failure to send all necessary records may delay your patient being seen

  • medical history
  • bloodwork
  • vaccination records
  • outside lab results
  • diagnostic imaging

You can attach these to the fillable referral link

email us at kimberlycrestvet@yahoo.com or fax us at 563-386-5586

Thank you for your continued referral business!