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Dozer’s journey with chemo began about a year ago when we noticed the glands in his neck were enlarged.  Our worst fears were confirmed when we received the diagnosis of lymphoma.   Thankfully, our vet referred us to Kimberly Crest Veterinary Hospital where Dr. Thomsen recommended chemotherapy.   We were a little apprehensive because we knew friends and co-workers that had chemo and didn’t want Dozer to suffer those same adverse side effects.  When Dr. Thomsen assured us that dogs tolerated chemo with very little side effects, Dozer’s journey began.  Almost immediately after his first treatment we could see a difference.  Dozer was more energetic and had that happy gleam back in his eyes.  Dozer actually gets excited when we pull in the parking lot of the clinic.  He really enjoys seeing his new friend Bri, Dr. Thomsen’s assistant.  Although Dozer’s journey has lasted one human year, chemo has given him the gift of seven more healthy dog years.



Meet Marley, an eight year old male Brittany Spaniel and a true survivor! Marley was hit by a car and the vehicle wheel ran directly over his abdomen.  He was stabilized by his regular vet where radiographs (x-rays) revealed that his diaphragm had ruptured.  Due to the injury, abdominal organs filled much of his chest cavity resulting in complete collapse of his lung lobes on one side.  Marley’s regular veterinarian referred him directly to our hospital for emergency surgery.

When Marley came in to Kimberly Crest, he was having great difficulty breathing and was unable to walk.  Marley was in very critical condition, and considered a high risk anesthesia patient. Thanks to the hard work of our entire team, his surgery was a success, and he is doing great back home with his loving family.  Now that he is feeling better, we are seeing Marley’s wonderful personality and steadfast determination to survive!

Below are radiographs showing Marley both before and after surgery.

testimonial2 testimonial3


I’m so thankful to have been referred to KCVH for my dog Peanut. The staff at KCVH are incredibly caring and take care of every animal just like their own. Dr Thomsen has spent countless hours with my Peanut to figure out an answer to his medical issues. Not only did he spend due diligence with Peanut – he also took time to answer many of my questions over and over. The love and concern the staff at KCVH have for our furry family members is outstanding.



I want to thank Dr. Less and everyone at Kimberly Crest for taking care of our cat Tank. He was hit by a car and ended up with a broken leg and a tooth that needed removed. They not only fixed him up but were very loving and made us feel very comfortable. They truly treat their furry clients like family.



Meet Hank! Hank is an 18 week old Great Dane puppy who had quite the scare.

Hank’s new parents thought he seemed thin, and when he stopped eating and started vomiting, they knew something was wrong. After ruling out parvo, a Barium Gastrointestinal Exam was performed. The radiographs suggested that Hank had a foreign body blockage, and he was prepped for surgery for its retrieval.

Once Hank was anesthetized and relaxed, we were able to retrieve the object and surgery was avoided! Hank is on his way to recovery and gaining weight nicely. No more rope toys for Hank!



We want to thank the entire staff for the care you have given Angie from the first time you saw her two years ago to the outstanding coordination required to quickly diagnose and offer treatment options for her sudden illness.

We were hesitant to see Dr. Taylor, a new doctor. What a happy discovery and relief he was. He was caring and incisive and got us moving immediately in the right direction. We wish to also recognize that without Dr. Bahns’ compassionate and professional guidance and support we would never have known how to help Angie. I’m sure her support and understanding enabled us to provide caring and loving attention more reflective of Angie’s needs as they continuously changed.

We cannot express how grateful we are. You’ve made this catastrophe more manageable.



I would like to thank Dr. Thomsen and staff for your assistance and compassion in allowing us to have another 4 1/2 months with Gunnar. Sadly, the tumor on his heart became too much. There was never any quit in him in the field.  So, when he stopped eating and drinking and began to prepare himself, I knew it was time to let him go. Thank you again for the additional time.


Colby & Daisy

I wanted to thank you all for your love and support for both Colby and Daisy (my angels up in heaven)…you allowed us to have some amazing memories while keeping them healthy and also supporting my treatment choices and for that I will be forever grateful. It has been a rough three months for me losing two of my fur babies but I am so thankful for the time and dedication that each of you gave to their therapy/chemo/recovery over the past four years. Every one of you played a huge part in our lives and I can never thank you enough. You are all amazing!!!



I want to thank the entire staff for helping our Jax. I was a mess and the staff took just as good of care of me as they did for our kitten. Thank you all.”

Meet Jax! Jax is a very lucky, 12 week old Russian Blue kitten that was referred to us for a CT scan. Curious little Jax had pulled on a shelf that fell onto his head, leaving him dazed and immobile. Jax’s CT results confirmed that he had fractured his skull. Luckily, this little trooper’s critical status started to improve, and he was soon able to walk and eat normally. Jax is reported to be doing well and is back home with his loving family. Below is an actual CT image of Jax’s skull.




We would like to thank Dr. Less and the Kimberly Crest Vet staff for taking care of our 1 1/2 year old vizsla, Sioux. While out running in the woods, Sioux ran into something (we still don’t know what) and punctured her chest about 4 inches deep. We took her to our local vet and we were told there was a chance she could develop a collapsed lung from her accident. Unfortunately this is exactly what happened and she was in terrible shape.  She was not eating, drinking, or even moving from her bed. After taking her to our local vet again, we were referred to Dr. Less to fix her collapsed lung.  Dr. Less reassured us that this could be fixed with a simple surgery. After the procedure was completed, we saw an immediate change in Sioux for the better. It has been 2 weeks since her accident and Sioux is now back to her normal, happy go lucky self.  Thanks so much for helping Sioux!



Meet Jasmine, a very sweet 6 month old female German Shepherd puppy and our latest miracle survivor! Jasmine developed a very rare and often fatal condition called a mesenteric torsion. Her symptoms included vomiting, weakness and systemic shock. Mesenteric torsion occurs when the intestines become twisted within the abdomen resulting in rapid strangulation and obstruction. The lack of blood supply results in death of the affected intestinal tissue. Digestive function is lost, while rapid bacterial growth in the intestines can lead to endotoxic shock and death. The cause of mesenteric torsion is most often unknown, although German Shepherds seem to be more prone to this condition.

Jasmine was referred to our hospital on January 16, when Dr. Taylor performed the abdominal ultrasound. His ultrasound confirmed obstruction of the intestines and free fluid in the abdomen, leading to a recommendation for emergency exploratory surgery. In surgery, Dr. Less and our surgical team confirmed the torsion and removed 60% of Jasmine’s necrotic (dead) bowel. Jasmine battled through an intensive recovery over the following week and she is now thriving again! Fortunately for Jasmine, dogs are very adaptable and can survive losing even 70-80% of their small intestine, and her prognosis is looking good.


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